Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bear's "Prison Break" and trips to the Vet

Bear has a new game that he plays with us. It's called "I'm-gonna-wait-till-you-come-home-and-open-the-door-then-dash-like-mad-outside-and-down-the-stairs-ha-ha". Also refered to as "catch me if you can". It's not like he really has anywhere to go, given that there's a closed security door at the bottom of the stairs, but that doesn't stop him from trying.

Rocco and Bear got microchipped last week. They are now officially registered residents of our little neighbourhood. It is quite surprising how placid they are when visiting the vet. We've taken them for their check-ups and vaccinations three times, and there's been no dramas so far. Though next month's visit might be a bit daunting since it's going to be The One Where They Get The Big Snip.

Sorry, no pics this week -- I didn't think there would be a point to post pictures of fuzzy orange blurs. I'll try and post a couple of photos next week, fingers crossed! :)


Azreen Sulaiman said...

LOL Bear, gotta give it to you for at least trying! ^_^

I'm thinking of getting Kenzo micro chipped too. It's not a big hassle right?

And yeah, The Big Snip! :P Poor Ashrul, he was absolutely horrified when I described what would be done to the male cats! By the way, how old are Rocco and Bear again?

Miss Tuesday said...

Rocco and Bear are 17-weeks old now. Just over 4 months. The vet assured us that the Big Snip procedure is actually really simple for male cats - apparently they won't even need stitches, and it'll be a 24-hour recovery! Is that the same over there?

Microchipping is easy. Just a big needle, in goes the chip, done. Bear and Rocco didn't even flinch. But they were quite tired afterwards from the vaccination so they slept like champions haha.