Friday, October 1, 2010

Kenzo + Computer - Azreen.

I was using the computer this morning when........

Kenzo decided my arm would be a pretty nifty spot to sit on.



He then disposed of me and hogged the entire computer (and space)!


He thought it would be fun to terrorize my stationery too.

Eyeing his next target.

Help :(


Queen4ADay said...


Kea said...

He just wants to make sure you're doing his blog post properly!

TheCatHerd said...

You're a great 'puter hogger Kenzo!! We bet you could sweep all kinds of stuff off with that super floofy tail of yours too!!!

The Island Cats said...

Looks like Kenzo wanted to do a little blogging on his own!!

the princess brat said...

Azreen, Kenzo is so big now!

Bear & Rocco have grown heaps too... the vet said that Bear now weighs 6.2kg! The Ginger Ninjas will also be celebrating their 1st birthday next month YAY ^__^

I'll have some pics up soon, promise!


Oskar said...

What an awesome helper!!

Guess what? My mom person & I have created a new blog at

We'd love it if you would come over and check it out & become a member. It's a great new place for pet bloggers to find each other, and get an opportunity to be a featured blog!

Nubbin wiggles,

Azreen Sulaiman said...

Thank you everyone!! ^_^

ps: we will be checking the new blog too Oskar, thanks for the invite!